DTU Wind Energy

Helge Aagaard Madsen


Wind Energy is a department of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). With a staff of over 240 employees, the department is world leading both in size and international impact within wind energy research.
Of particular relevance to the INDUFLAP2 project is that DTU has been involved in the SMART blade (morphing trailing edge) technology since 2003. Several research projects have been conducted since that time and a number of Msc. and PhD students have been educated within the smart blade research field. In 2006 the development and research work on the particular CRTEF technology (Controllable Rubber Trailing Edge Technology),  comprising a morphing trailing edge in a flexible polymer material  where the activation is done by pressurizing the voids, was initiated based on GAP funding provided by the local community Region Zealand in Denmark. In 2011 the development work was continued within the INDUFLAP project funded by EUDP and the present project is closely linked to that project and comprising the stage where the technology will be demonstrated on a full scale turbine.



Martin Heisterberg


REHAU has always sought to create new formulations that expand the application of polymer materials. Our approach: to replace conventional materials with more capable polymers and to create system solutions that generate added value for our customers. 
Expertise and innovative spirit have made REHAU a leading system and service provider for polymer-based solutions in construction, automotive, but also the industry, where we provide sustainable solutions and business models for innovative customer in the renewable energy sector.
The highest levels of professionalism from material development through manufacturing, together with a passion for the unlimited potential of polymers are the foundation of our worldwide success as a premium brand. 



Alejandro Gomez Gonzalez


SIEMENS is a leading wind turbine manufacturer founded in Denmark in 1979. The company has a long track record on wind turbines ranging from 30 kW up to 7 MW.
SWP is the world leading offshore wind turbine supplier and was also one of the pioneers in the offshore business. The first SWP offshore wind park was erected in 1991 in Denmark. SWP is considered as one of the quality and technology leaders in the wind power business. SWP is a global company and supplies wind turbines globally.